3 Critical Questions to Confidently Lose Weight (Without Only Focusing on The Food)

I just wrapped a round of The Permanent Weight Loss Accelerator. Here’s what I know for sure…

As women, it’s mostly head down, ignore the hard as much as possible. 

While I understand why many of us do this (hand raised because this was me, too 9 years ago!)This brings you to a cut off and unfulfilled place. One that feels like a neverending rut. 

It’s Not Just About The Food, It’s About These 3 Questions

This is why inside The Accelerator, we got clear on the hard first. To sit and reflect and ask WHY…

>> Am I eating when not hungry?
>> Do I drink wine around 9 pm every night?
>> Are the cravings for sugar and salt driving me crazy?

There is zero shame in asking these questions. Taking time to confront these questions is how you make weight loss permanent. 

Create Better Ways to Cope for Permanent Weight Loss

This is because your life doesn’t stop when losing weight. This means that when (not if) but WHEN…

Your meal plan goes off one week because you’re working late… 

You skip your Wednesday morning walk because your daughter kept you up all night… 

You don’t do your Sunday meal prep because you just got back from vacation and need to just chill out…

You can easily connect back to what your triggers are, get through it, and get back on track faster. 

This is what 99% of diets stink at. 

The appeal of the “do this, like this at this time” sucks you in but then you realize, “Wait…this isn’t sustainable.” 

How Healthy Weight Loss Works When You Ask These Critical Questions

Here’s what happened when women stopped just focusing on the food and asked these critical questions…

Want these answers for yourself? Get on the waitlist for the next time the doors open.

I’ll be talking lots more about how to make weight loss sustainable. But for now, I’d love to know if this makes sense to you.

Comment YES or NO below. That’s it. Look forward to hearing from you.

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