7 simple ways to boost your happiness – and catapult your success

We all want to be happy, right?

Let’s face it, feeling happy is way more fun than feeling sad! But did you know that feeling happy also makes you more successful?

Over the last 20 years, a ton of positive psychology research data has proved that happiness is a precursor to success to all areas of your life.

The truth is that happiness – and the ability to seek it out, create it and experience it – actually shifts the neural networking of your brain. It boosts your creativity, feelings of well-being and optimism, problem-solving abilities … even your peripheral vision!

So if reaching your weight-loss goals, creating energy to thrive, and loving life in this forever-vehicle of yours is important to you – it’s critical that you do all you can to raise your level of happiness.

OK, sounds great Jen – but how the heck do I get happier?

Great question!

Let me show you 7 simple tools you can start using TODAY to boost your mood, raise your baseline happiness and shoot your success sky high.

1. Meditate

I know what you’re thinking – “Are you kidding? I don’t have time to meditate!” And that was me for at least 10 years (until things got so bad I was willing to do frickin ANYTHING to get out of my own way!)

Here’s the thing. Meditation actually grows the prefrontal cortex of the brain, responsible for mood state and happiness – so you can see things differently, and break the addiction to negative thoughts. 

Honestly? The more consistent I am with my practice these days, the happier I get!

2. Look forward to something every day

Set an intention each day to do something you’ll enjoy. Put it in your calendar and actively look forward to it. 

It doesn’t have to be an all-inclusive trip to Maui! You can simply choose to reframe everyday things like kids’ sporting events or even grocery shopping as something you’ll look forward to.

This is called the anticipatory effect – your brain gets the same mood boost out of looking forward to something as it does when you’re actually doing it, so you’re multiplying the happiness benefit!

3. Be kind

Be intentional about carrying out small acts of kindness, every single day. So that might be complimenting somebody on their outfit, bringing a coworker a coffee, or listening to a friend with an open heart.

If you’re someone who’s alone most days, this tip has the added benefit of getting you out and connecting with people!

4. Mood-boost your environment

My daughter loves the little sparkly lights she has in her room, and she can’t help grinning each time her framed photo of our dog Harley catches her eye … these little things just make her happy!

What are 5 things you could do to intentionally brighten the space you spend most time in – whether that’s your kitchen, your cubicle, or even your car?

5. Move your body

It’s no surprise that exercise boosts your happiness! It not only floods your body with feel-good endorphins, it also puts you into a flow state quicker than anything else.

I know so many women who feel they don’t have time for exercise – but 30 minutes of movement is just 2% of your day. Give yourself the gift of your own time.

6. Treat yourself to a fab experience

Spending money on a rock concert with friends, brunch with your partner, or even getting your nails done will make you much happier than buying material stuff like shoes, new makeup or a swanky purse.

Be sure to really sink in and enjoy the experience though – put your phone away and let yourself feel the feels!

7. Do what you love – daily

What’s your superpower? What’s something you’re really good at, and LOVE doing, that you’ve maybe neglected over the years? It could be anything … from knitting, to creating crossword puzzles, to playing the saxophone!

Now think how you can bring it into your daily life. Seriously, do a little every day – and enjoy it!

It all adds up 

So often, we stop ourselves doing what makes us happy. We tell ourselves we don’t have time to waste on stuff like that.

But “stuff like that” is EXACTLY where we should be putting our focus – because together these little mood boosts add up to bigger happiness, greater success and more energy to thrive in every part of our lives.

So go ahead and try out these 7 simple tools, and let me know your top takeaways! Drop me a comment below (I read each and every one!) or post in our free Energy To Thrive Facebook group – there you’ll meet a beautiful crowd of women just like you, supporting each other and celebrating the weight-loss journey together!

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