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A Group Weight Loss Program That Works

The Most Effective Group Weight Loss Program Out There: Lose 20+ lbs By Summer -- We start April 11th Trying to lose weight may be one of the most frustrating experiences of your life. It can be exhausting and leave you feeling like a failure, especially if you lose weight and then gain it back. [...]

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5 Surprising Ways Consuming Sugar Is Ruining Your Life

Insulin Resistance. Pre-diabetes. Diabetes. Heart disease. Cancer. Obesity. Chronic fatigue. Every day, people are walking around afflicted by the above ailments, all of which they’re feeding with their lifestyle habits and food choices. Most of the time, they’re completely unaware of  their presence. In fact, you’re in the middle of an epidemic right now, and [...]

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Tricks To Stay Healthy This Halloween

It's that chocolate time of year again...Halloween is here! This typically means there’ll be a mountain of chocolate and sugar in your house (if there isn’t already). Are you ready for it? Of course you are! I want to talk to you about a super important topic: what do you do with your kids Halloween candy [...]

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Smoky and Sweet Turkey Chili

3.5.3208 It's a dark and stormy night, and all you can think about is sitting down with a bowl of your favorite comfort food. Something full of flavor and substance, a hearty meal that will fill and warm every corner of your stomach. On nights like this, one of the first things to come to [...]

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