Food As A Reward: How to Break The Cycle

What are the “secrets” of food and body freedom? Maybe you see other women and think, “What password did she access? Has this password been case sensitive my whole life, and no one told me?” You want to know if there are specific answers or steps that make it all make sense for you. Your [...]

Weight Loss and Travel: The 4 Things You Need to Know

Feel like travel is the enemy of weight loss? Maybe you’ve been here before… You eat healthy food and workout for a few weeks or even a month, and you are feeling really good. But then, it’s time for a vacation or work trip, and suddenly all your strategies go right out the door. Then, [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sticking to a Weight Loss Program

Women ask me this all the time… “What does it take to stick to a weight loss program, Jen?” Even by the phrasing of the sentence above, I immediately sense the disparity between a “program” and a “lifestyle.” You decide to do a cleanse, try Whole 30 every January, or P90X to get ready for [...]

Food Can’t Fix Your Feelings: How to End Emotional Eating

When you think about what it means to be an “emotional eater,” the scene might look like this… A woman heads to the nearest convenience store and fills up one of those small metal baskets with cookies, package of mini doughnuts, ice cream, Snickers bar, Diet Coke, and a bag of chips. She heads back [...]

How to Stop Falling Off the Weight Loss Wagon

Have you ever been here? You start a weight loss program, detox, cleanse, group program (you name it) and the first few days you are rocking it. But then, it doesn’t seem as fun, or something happens in your life - personally or professionally - and you get thrown off a bit, and you stop. [...]

How To Stop Feeling Like Sh*t with Andrea Owen [Podcast Episode #018]

If there’s one thing women have in common it’s that we are really, *really* good at making ourselves feel crappy. We do this in a variety of ways from people pleasing to trying to be perfect; from catastrophizing to overachieving, or simply isolating ourselves and numbing out because feeling our feelings is simply too scary. [...]

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Women Need To (re)Discover Their Sexuality & Libido For Overall Health with Dr. Keesha Ewers [Podcast Episode #017]

Did you know that 69% of women in a long-term committed relationship (I’m talking about over a year or more with the same partner) will no longer have spontaneous sexual desire? That means about half of all women simply don’t want to have sex.  And that, is not good if you’re wanting to live with [...]

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Raising Your Vibrational Energy With Shana Ekedal [Podcast Episode #016]

Living a good life is about so much more than just “being happy”. It’s about having having energy, being confident, feeling joyful, experiencing good health and being emotionally resilient to life’s ups and downs. Yet so many people don’t get to experience this, at least not consistently. Why is that? Join my special guest, Shana [...]

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