Protect Your Health By Reducing Your Toxic Risk With Dr. Anne Marie Fine [Podcast Episode #013]

*** Please note that we did our best to adjust the audio quality of this interview. Unfortunately, I still sound a little echo-y but this interview was so amazing, and so jam packed full of good info I had to release it. Thanks for understanding. Enjoy! *** Your energy is the most important resource you have. [...]

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Transformation Requires Courage: It Starts With Feeling Your Feelings [Podcast Episode #012]

The reason that weight loss is such a transformative journey is because you can’t escape yourself. You are left alone with your thoughts and everything that you let come into your mind influences how you feel - both physically and emotionally. This often influences how you act and the decisions you make. What’s popular in [...]

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From Wired & Tired to Thriving in Life Again with Dr. Mariza Snyder [Podcast Episode #010]

Have you noticed it? Or maybe you’re a part of it… The norm is for high-functioning, high-capacity, successful women to live life exhausted thinking that how they feel is just “normal”. They exist in a chronically depleted state and then they tell themselves “that’s just the way it is”, “it’s normal”, “that’s how it is [...]

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