Drinking More Water & Fasting (And Other Stupid Things I’ve Been Hearing About Losing Weight)

“Drinking more water and fasting are free.”

Someone wrote this in a comment on one of my YouTube videos.

Ok, let’s break this down for a second…

Yes, drinking more water and fasting are free – but neither is permanent.

What I mean is neither is the answer to losing weight. You need food to live and you’ll probably want to drink something else besides water at some point in your life.

How about this one…?

“Just stop eating by the forkful and you’ll lose weight.”

Ok, let’s break this down…

What I learned here (so very clearly) is that people don’t get the real problem with weight loss.

They think it’s: eat less + move more = problem solved.

What Extra Weight Really Means

Extra physical weight on your body is an indication of something emotional. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism, a way soothe, distract, numb, etc.  

When life is hard you might overeat and over drink.

So when you talk about healthy and permanent weight loss, the formula is two-fold:

  1. The science of fat metabolism
  2. The psychology of change

If you’re solely focusing on and food and exercise, you will struggle to make weight loss permanent. Especially if you’re in your 40s and you’ve tried it all the yo-yo diets before.

Your weight is on your mind all the time, you’re thinking about it all day and all night but you’re scared to start again because it feels so grueling. Living with hard, extreme, restrictive rules isn’t sustainable.

But if women could stop going back and forth; no more “stop and start” cycle – if you found the sweet spot and stopped using food and alcohol to cope, then weight loss becomes a heck of a lot easier.

But most women don’t know how to do that. Does that ring true for you?

The Mecca of Healthy Weight Loss

I bet in your heart of hearts you actually do know what you need to do to lose weight. You’re not short on knowledge. Chances are, you’ve got too much of it.

Go Keto, go Paleo, gluten-free, check for food sensitivities, have more smoothies, etc.

It’s confusing, right? And a confused mind stays stuck and does nothing.

And I get it. It’s not your fault because you don’t want to try and do the wrong thing…again.

The other part is that people do want the quick fixes. The fasting, the cleanses, the 30 days and such – it’s marketable and you’ll pay for them. (The weight loss industry is literally recession proof.)

But instead of talking about superfoods and kale as it’s the mecca of weight loss, let’s get down to the truth…

The mecca of weight loss is: how are you going to get your mind right?

How are you going to let go of being perfect in order to have progress? Because perfection is the standard you’ll never achieve with health and weight loss.

Instead, focus on doing a little bit better every day.

What I want you to understand is there are reasons behind what you’re doing – why you’re taking the forkful, why you’re turning to that glass of wine every night – it’s to make you feel comfortable with whatever is going on in your life.

That was me 8 years ago and it’s been most of my clients before they came to me, too.

It comes from something going on in your marriage, with work, your kids, oh so long ago hurt, and/or disconnection from yourself.

So many women are walking around disconnected from their bodies and their heart. They’re surviving but not thriving.

The Right Weight Loss Help

This is why have to come back into a community. Come back to a place that explains how it feels and what it takes to create better for yourself.

It’s not just about a perfect meal plan or the right workout – there is more underneath and stuff you don’t want to process.

And it hurts to bring this stuff up. I get it. Like I said, I was there, too.  

That’s why I believe weight loss is the entry point into transformation for so women. Because you live in your mind 24/7.

Mind pollution is a real thing and when the negative thoughts are everywhere, you need someone to help you model what’s different and help you do it for yourself…so you can grab onto new possibility.

If you’re ready to do it a different way, a way that really cracks open how you can get there in a healthy, sane way…

I’d love to help you do it.

Because if you made it all the way down here, I know you’re serious so I’d like to offer you a complimentary breakthrough call with me.

You can schedule that here.

Every woman has a unique weight loss and healthy code to crack, and when you find it you can be at peace, free from the scale, and free from those voices in your head.

Because this is your forever home. It’s time to start taking care of it.

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