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How would you like to…

  • Feel confident and in control of your body and food choices

  • Break the habit of Emotional Eating (overeating, bingeing) for good

  • Have more energy to spend on the things that matter most to you in your life

  • Stop self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Feel proud of yourself and able to live your life

After losing 35+ pounds myself (over 8 years ago), I found complete food and body freedom. I cracked the code to understanding what weight loss truly takes — it’s about something much deeper than the calories we are consuming or the miles that we are logging on the treadmill.

It’s about and how we think and feel about ourselves…and how we choose to handle our emotions (not always an easy task!)

If you’re ready to stop stressing and obsessing about food and your body and want to feel confident and in control, then I am SO excited to have you join me for this incredible (free) 1-Day Virtual Event.

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