Nursing a cold without adding calories

We are almost there but it looks like winter wants to hang on just a tad longer. And with that comes what seems like the never ending cold and flu season, right?

Recently, I came down with a cold and realized just how hard it is to eat healthy when feeling less than 100%

If you are anything like me, then you can relate to wanting to run straight for our comfort foods – macaroni and cheese being my personal favorite – and finding it hard to get back on track when we finally recover.

So during my cold (you’ll hear my sniffles loud and clear) I made a special video to help us all (myself included!) remember that we don’t have to lose track of our weight loss goals when we feel sick. That it actually is an awesome time to help our bodies relax and recharge.

I’ll also let you in on my favorite way to recreate that “comfort” feeling without adding in extra calories.

Take a peek here:

Be sure to let me know what you think. What are you favorite cold and flu remedies? I always love hearing from you!

Wishing you health and happiness – and that spring arrives to your door very soon.

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