Stop Believing All You Need Is Better Tactics to Lose Weight

Healthy, permanent weight loss.

(As in the weight is not coming back)

You want to know how to get there. Chances are, you think this will involve a diet. And even if you don’t think that, you probably believe it requires some sort of restrictive program.

You’ll have to go Paleo, choose Keto, cut out food groups, or rely on shakes during certain times of the day.

But those are tactics and while you may lose weight doing this, you will most likely struggle to keep it off.

Instead, you need to deeply connect to the version of you that you want to become in order to lose weight.

Here’s how…

Create The Vision

Healthy living expert and friend of mine, Christie Miller, was recently with me at a conference in Phoenix. Super excited to connect, we decided to go out to dinner with our husbands.

Both of us ordered from the menu, had a drink, and enjoyed dessert.

This is because we have been able to create a vision so strong for who we are and are able to manage our minds. Neither of us ever, ever suggest or promote a diet to our clients.

We know how to help women take care of their bodies, minds, and feel their feelings. And both of us have clients who lose weight and keep it off – for good.

It’s all about the vision.

What usually happens is that you think the tactics or quick fix is going to get you where you want to go but along the way, curve balls are bound to show up.

And when you are in the hard rules of “do this, not that…” Or “eat this, no that..” you can’t fully deal with those curve balls.

You don’t need more rigid rules. What you need to know is that you need to be committed. The same commitment you show to your partner, kids, job, or friends is exactly the kind of commitment you need for yourself.

Because I bet that, at the deepest level, you don’t think you’re worth it right now. But you are…you really, really are.

[Grab Something To Write With]

Write this down: I don’t have a weight problem.

Because you really don’t. You have a lack of faith in yourself or lack of commitment.

Whatever your goal is with weight loss, it won’t benefit you long-term with short-term tactics, you have to cultivate the vision.

Get Connected

I will never forget a spring night 9 years ago. I was getting ready to go out with my girlfriends and staring at a pile of clothes on my bedroom floor…and none of it fit.

Not one thing.

After canceling the night out with my friends, I collapsed on the floor and just cried. I mean really, really cried.

Because living overweight was a symptom of how disconnected I was in my life, my marriage at the time, and with myself.

So, I drank wine every single night and a handful of chocolate chips to numb out.

I knew I didn’t want to live like that and I bet you don’t either. There is another way. I found it 8 years ago and haven’t put one pound back on since.

You have to start loving yourself enough to believe you are worthy of being taken care of – starting right now.

If you are living so disconnected from what you’re feeling, so you stuff them down with food and booze or you stop having sex with your husband or turn the lights off, or you stop going out with friends, this numbs the joy and the pain so you live a flatline life that isn’t fulfilling.

Take a few minutes and listen to this episode my podcast, Energy To Thrive…

Unhealthy Weight Loss Is Like Death By A Thousand Cuts

I created this episode to help you recognize the ways you self-sabotage and finally know what to do about it. Because physical weight on your body is a symptom of other shit you haven’t been able to process or deal with.

Life is asking you to step up and not shrink back. Don’t stay in the shadows of your life.

Time Is Your Friend

There is no such thing as an overnight success. There is the vision combined with the right science-based knowledge and support you begin to implement to make it last for you.

For the average woman out there who has 40- 60 lbs to lose – or even the same 10 lbs, you keep gaining and losing –  it’s time to take different actions and create that vision to finally make it happen for you this time.

If you are sitting there thinking you aren’t quite sure of what you want, I am so ready for you to find your voice. It’s important that women understand what they want and need, and believe that they are worthy of receiving it.

You have one physical body to go through life with. Why would you not choose to live in one that gets you to emotional freedom, to live in integrity with yourself, and keeps those promises to yourself?

Start doing the things you say you’re gonna do and don’t do a diet.

Here’s a really great way to get started: Schedule a call with me.

During this breakthrough session, I can learn more about you and your weight loss goals. You’ll walk away with steps you can start implementing now.

Plus, you get the opportunity to share your story with someone who has been there, come out on the other side (and thriving!) who has the science-based information that can transform your weight loss and your life.

You can schedule those complimentary 30 minutes here.

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