Woman In The Mirror: Your Answer To Permanent Weight Loss

Physiologically, there are very few barriers to healthy, permanent weight loss.  This means that weight loss is something you can absolutely expect from yourself.

So, what is in the way?

Is it hormones, metabolism, perimenopause, post-menopause, or thyroid? Yes, these things can have an influence on your weight loss journey, but they are not the thing that’s holding you back.

Ready for what it is?

It’s you.  

It’s your ability to stay committed to the long-term journey. There’s no shame here because right now, especially in North America, the culture around weight loss is focused on fad-like quick trends highlighting how you can get this done – and fast so it’s not your fault that you don’t understand why weight loss really is a journey.

Write A New Agreement

The reason weight gain has happened begins with something that’s gone on in your life that’s caused chain of events. And those events have caused you to eat or drink more…

  • Having kids
  • Divorce
  • Stressful job
  • Lack of connection with your partner
  • Disconnect with friendships

The list goes on. Often, you are craving food and booze to soothe because what you’re really craving is more connection and intimacy. And yet, you beat yourself up you think it’s because it’s stuff you’re doing or not doing – eating or not, exercising or not.

Let me be super real with you for a moment…

Wherever you are right now reading this it’s because you said to yourself – and maybe on a subconscious level – that it’s ok to be at the last of your priorities, it’s ok to take care of everyone else except yourself.

You have forgotten on some level that you matter.

I understand this agreement all too well because this was me, too. I felt uncomfortable in my body, with zero energy. I didn’t feel desirable or sexy and I had exactly one pair of fat pants.

I had to recognize that if I could create that version of myself I could, of course, create something else.

This means the same is possible for you but you can’t do it if you aren’t willing to make the commitment to a weight loss journey.

The Journey of Real Weight Loss

A client of mine used to laugh at me when I’d constantly tell her that weight loss is a “journey.” She confessed this to me one day.

“Jen, all I’d ever done was quick fixes so I had no idea that there really was a starting point and you basically never stop – just keep going through each step.”

You have to remember this because the journey takes you through many obstacles and ultimately it’s always you vs. you. And, often, the version of you that you don’t want to win ends up winning without the right tools and support in place.  

So, in order for weight loss to happen consistently in a slow, healthy way you have to be committed to choosing yourself.

Not just when life is easy. But when you hit up against obstacles, you can easily slip into your old patterns. When it’s you vs. you, it means you are willing to show up day in and day out. You are willing to do what it takes regardless of how you’re feeling.

This means that every time you say you’re going to do something, you do it. Every time you don’t do something you say you’re gonna do, you’ve broken trust with yourself.

But if you were in a relationship with someone and they kept telling you they were going to do certain things and then never did, would you trust them?

Exactly. You wouldn’t.

Weight loss requires commitment. If you don’t trust yourself, you can’t hold that committment, and so, it ends up being a self-sabotage loop you constantly keep repeating. That constant stop and start instead of one journey with the right knowledge, momentum, and support.

The key to changing all of this is creating such a strong vision about the kind of body you want to go through life with – the possibility of what you can bring in to your present life is possible today.

The Right Support

Do you chase Monday? Do you say, “I’ll start again on Monday”? And perhaps you’ve been saying this for months or even years of your life only to get to Thursday and feel like you’ve fallen off the wagon.

At the beginning of the week, your emotional bandwidth is high, but as the week goes on you feel more depleted. Thing is, It’s not about willpower at all it’s about how much emotional energy can you bring to the game of you vs. you.

If you find yourself saying…

  • I can’t…
  • It’s too hard…
  • It’s not worth it…
  • I don’t know how…

What you’re really saying is, I’m not worth it or I’ve decided this experience is too hard or that I’m not enough of a priority to try a better way.

The one exception here is saying that you don’t know how because I believe there is truth to that. There is so much conflicting information – do you choose Keto, go Paleo, cut out 7 different food groups, exercise more, eat less, etc.

A confused mind stays stuck and takes no action.

The good news is there is good science-based information on how you do this thing. A perfect way to this information is The Weight Loss Code Academy.

The Weight Loss Code Academy

I created this because every incredible goal you’ve worked on in your life, you’ve had a mentor, a coach – a support team of some kind.

That’s what The WLC Academy is all about! It’s a 10-month life and body transformation program.

(In fact, it’s everything I wish had existed when I needed it.)

You can learn more about it here.

This is a deep dive into the science of change, healthy living, fat loss, sustainability, and eating foods you enjoy.

We combine this with the psychology of change components…

  • Why you are the way you are.
  • How to handle mean voices.
  • Stay consistent when you feel like giving up.
  • How to restart after you’ve given up.

If your weight is holding you back from life, holding you back from relationships or going out into the world and living the rich, beautiful life you deserve – how much longer are you going to wait to deal with it?

This is not going on another diet. This isn’t a quick fix or even a boot camp or kickstart.

There are a million 6-week boot camps or 3-month programs. Women are great at starting but not good at follow-through – go out for a night and blow it and don’t start again, kids derail you, vacations, holidays, etc.

This commitment over 10 months covers everything – in REAL time.

We begin soon and acceptance is by application only.

I’ve created it this way because you can be interested in weight loss but not ready for the journey.

Women thrive in powerful communities and when women are going after the same challenges and know how to rise up together – the energy shifts energy.

So, the application process ensures that every woman is ready.

If this sounds good to you, then you should apply.

It’s an 8-question application (super simple). I review it and then we hop on a call so I can get to know you a bit more. You ask me all the questions you have and together, we make a decision if this is truly right for you.

You can apply here.

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