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Here’s the deal…

The real reason people don’t succeed with diets is there is a bunch of important information, tools, tips, and action steps you need to know that no one (and I mean no one) ever talks about.

And by everything, I mean quick fixes, fad diets, trendy juice cleanses, or that new ab machine with promises of six-pack abs in just 10 minutes a day? But nothing seems to stick, except that pesky belly fat…

Or maybe:

  • You buy good food.
  • Eat healthy at home and with your friends.
  • Workout with a trainer a few times a week.

…but still aren’t seeing the results you want.

Or maybe you tried some “diets” that worked in the beginning, but the moment you went back to “real life,” the weight just came right back! You might blame genetics, your age, a slow metabolism or unbalanced hormones, but the truth is, you feel pretty alone right now and don’t know where to look anymore.

The struggle is real.

If you can relate, then I welcome you here – this is so for you.


No one’s telling you the real reason why you’ve been struggling to lose weight.

You’ve never been behind the scenes, which is crucial to your success. It’s easier and simpler than you think – no egg whites and plain lettuce required. (You’re welcome.)


During the next 14 days, you will get those secrets and so much more:

  • Step-by-step, laser focused days blending hard science with the transformative power of life coaching to effectively eliminate your “bad habits” while simultaneously creating healthy ones so you stay motivated – results you can see and feel.
  • Learn key food choice strategies so you never again sabotage the progress you’re making – choices your tastebuds will thank you for.
  • How to actually fit exercise into your already busy life and know exactly what to do for optimal weight loss without spandex and countless hours at the gym – and you’ll actually love doing it. Guaranteed.
  • Finally learn how to differentiate between emotional and physiological hunger so you no longer soothe your moods with food – a crucial step you won’t find anywhere else in a way that’s relatable and approachable for your life.

And best of all, it’s designed to fit your lifestyle. It’s designed to never be overwhelming. I break it down in bite sized chunks to make it easy to understand, and even easier to see why this is different from anything you’ve tried before.

For 14 days, you’ll get:

Now I know you might be thinking: But Jen, how do I know this will work?

Well, I know because I’ve been there…

After I had my two children, I was 30+ lbs overweight. I ate too much chocolate and drank too much wine because I was tired and sad…I felt hopeless and alone.

But here’s the thing – I was a personal trainer, exercise physiologist, certified life coach and Ironman athlete – I knew the things I should be doing and just didn’t do them.

I got sick of feeling so gross in my body. I knew I wasn’t meant to be frumpy.

I learned how to lose weight in a healthy and permanent way. I also learned how to do it in a way that was more fun. Yes, way more fun than I ever thought possible and now I teach other women so they can feel awesome in their own skin again…



  • Are sick of the “all-or-none” approach – the one where you’re either living on egg whites and lettuce or consuming nothing but wine and chips.
  • Have been seduced by every quick weight loss method out there (cleanses, pills, supplements) – and know in your heart of hearts that those methods just don’t work.
  • Are ready to love your body and make a commitment to it, and need a place to start…

Let these 14 days jump start a new you.

Here’s what I know to be absolutely true: You’ve been looking for a new way to do this weight loss thing. That’s why you are here.

  • If you look in the mirror and feel hopeless.
  • If If you can’t stand the way you talk to yourself and feel like you may never make change.

Then this is for you.

You are exactly why I designed these 14 days. You are why I have broken the must-have-secrets into actionable baby steps so you understand how your body works (maybe for the first time) and begin to make change for yourself without feeling overwhelmed.


  • Begin to ditch your bad habits and replace them with healthy ones with the inside knowledge about what it actually takes to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Have more energy than you thought would be possible.
  • Move your body everyday with joy instead of the dreaded “exercise” word.
  • No longer sabotage your success but feel motivated, healthy and confident.
  • Be on your way to getting your confidence back.

Stop struggling. Stop trying to go at this thing alone. Stop sabotaging yourself.

There’s a better way – an easier way, a healthier way, and dare I say – a way more enjoyable way to lose weight and keep it off – for good. It’s possible and you are so ready.

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