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Frankly, kinda normal. You’d like to lose some weight, feel strong, toned + sexy (it’s OK to admit it), and finish your day on an energy high, instead of a zombified low.

An occasional-to-never kinda exerciser. Or a regular exerciser who has hit a rut, gotten bored, or lost motivation.

Oh-so ready to look + feel better — and happy + willing to invest in your health (you’re tired of going it alone and can admit this would be easier with help ).

Sick to death of saying things like:

  • “I’m so confused. There’s so much information out there I just go around in circles jumping from one thing to another but never achieving anything.”
  • “I’m an emotional eater and I can’t stop.”
  • “My greatest continual frustration is not losing the weight that I’ve gained”
  • “I feel lost. Food is the hardest part. I fall off the wagon and I stay off.”
  • “I focus really hard for a week, but then I give up. I start again because then I see myself in the mirror or in a picture and I hate how I look”
  • “I feel frumpy, I have five sizes of clothes in my closet and can’t wear any of them.”
  • “I feel like I’ve been stuck in a life rut for quite some time and have not known how to get out. Food has allowed me to escape”

The above are direct quotes from women who came to me feeling lost and like they could never drop their unwanted pounds no matter what they did.

The good news is every single one of them went on to lose weight, regain their energy + confidence, and totally created a new healthy lifestyle for themselves (as well as their family)  AND they said it was “easy” to do in my program.

If the above sounds like you – excellent. You’re a perfect candidate for my ENERGY to Thrive™ — Transformative Weight Loss Program.  It’s the most intensive + super-personalized way to work with me — and it’s ideal for women who know that they need big-time encouragement + major accountability to get moving and shaking.

I work with just a few private clients at a time, and I get to know ‘em really well — right down to their favorite smoothie blends.


  • You will know exactly how to lose weight in a really healthy way (no gimmicks, or quick fixes here!) without having to live in a world of denial and deprivation or omit foods or complete food groups
  • You’ll never have to worry about re-gaining the weight you’ve lost ~ you’ll know the basic principles of weight maintenance and you will master it
  • Never, ever again will you think about “dieting” – you won’t have to
  • You will feel fabulous, have amazing energy and love how you look in clothes (AND naked)
  • You’ll love who you become along the way – trust me – weight loss is a journey, one that requires inner reflection and deep personal work (it’s not just about egg whites and lettuce).

This program is for you if you’re really and truly ready to lose weight for good. You’re tired of the quick fix (plus you know they never work), have the emotional space in your life to make yourself a priority (or are ready for the support to do so), and are hopeful + excited about what’s possible for you.

If the above describes you then I love you already and can’t wait to work with you!!


You contact me. We talk goals, needs + timing. And we set a start date for your six month life changing experience. Book your complimentary “ENERGY To Thrive Breakthrough” session” or email support@jenniferpowter.com to let me know you’d like to take the next step and we’ll be in touch shortly.