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Transformation is HOT

I’ve helped hundreds of women change their bodies and their lives – you’ll love reading about their stories and listening to what they have to say!! It’s so wonderful to be inspired and motivated by others – because if they can do it, so can you.





I love this program and love Jen! The concept, advise, knowledge and having someone to be accountable for is very encouraging and rewarding. I love that Jen took the time to figure me out and catered her program to my needs. I love that she checks in with me and continuously supports me. She reminds me of the good I am doing, even when I don’t praise myself for it. It’s so wonderful. It’s great to have the 3 coaching calls a month to set and/or rebalance the week. It’s very helpful to stay focused and /or at least know what I want to accomplish for the next 7 days. I’ve already lost over 40lbs and intend to keep going!

Her emails are full of advice and great quotes. Keeps me motivated every time I read one. Oh, and I can’t forget Jen’s sweets gifts! It’s awesome to receive something that helps with the program in the mail. It makes the journey special and exciting. I would certainly recommend Jen to anyone I know who wants to check out what the program has to offer and make a lifestyle change.


Looking back, I was scared to make a financial commitment. Would it work? I debated long and hard before contacting Jen. But I’m so glad I did…

I learned just how much I was overeating. I didn’t even recognize it! The portion control was huge for me. Jen also taught me about the emotional aspects of eating and how exercise really has nothing to do with weight loss. Jen’s accountability every week proved to be hugely successful for me. I was uncomfortable with someone roaming around inside my head but Jen understood me – she got me and her valuable insights helped me make real, strong progress. I have and would recommend this program to anyone with no qualms whatsoever!


I had “old stories” I needed to deal with. When I found Jen, I quickly learned how dealing with those stories was a big part in staying healthy and eating right. She has made learning how to eat what’s best for my body manageable. It never feels overwhelming.

What I really love about Jen is that she’s been in the trenches herself and is able to tackle challenges right alongside you because she understands. I love Jen’s videos – they are always such a quick boost of knowledge and motivation in between our calls. Jen makes it easy to schedule with her. Communication is seamless and she has given me so many resources and ways to celebrate my progress. Most of all, Jen makes it easy to explore those deep, hidden feelings. I have learned so much from her!


As a new mom, wife, and business owner, I was struggling to balance it all. I was blaming my weight when really my weight was a result of how unhappy I was. And I desperately didn’t want to try (and pay!) for yet another weight loss program and fail. But after working with Jen, I found a way to make myself a priority again and still be a great mother while balancing my whole life.

Jen’s weekly coaching calls kept my inner critic in check. I became a better communicator with my husband, more present with my son and increased my revenue – and to top it all off, I finally stopped the diet mentality and returned to my pre-baby weight! I will be forever grateful to Jen for her attention and support through an incredible time of self-growth and expansion and helping me find my self-worth.


I have tried many other programs in the past and wasn’t sure this would be different. After gaining 20 lbs after my last pregnancy, I struggled to drop even 5lbs. I couldn’t fit into any of my old clothes and started feeling self-conscious about my body. I was starting to consider drastic methods (like surgery) but my doctor suggested I connect with Jen.

I’m so glad I did. After working with Jen, I began to understand food. I realized my food choices had a bigger impact than exercise. That was my aha! moment. I didn’t have to kill myself at the gym to see results. Jen’s accountability and weekly weigh-ins helped me become more aware of what I eat and my portions. I lost that 20 lbs and totally improved my running! It all came together for me.

Jen also has helped me to always find the positives in my week, no matter what. Most of all, Jen has encouraged me with life long coping skills for handling food obstacles and stressors in my life. I recommend her to anyone looking to make a lasting commitment to changing their relationship to food – once and for all.


I had always considered myself a dynamic, passionate person but somewhere along the line I had lost my zest. After wallowing around for several years, making no progress on my own, I knew I needed to find someone to help me.

I have been blown away by my work with Jen. There’s no question that you have to put the work in, but the difference is Jen is that listening, responsive and knowledgeable guide you’ve been yearning for to take your hand and help you. She makes it work.

There isn’t one thing Jen hasn’t been able to help me understand with astounding clarity. I intend to keep her a part of my life – no way I’m letting go of someone I value so highly.


Before Jen, my weight was fluctuating constantly. I struggled to say no to others in order to meet my own needs, and I was suffering from seasonal depression. Being from Argentina, I was unsure someone from Canada and I could be on the same page. But I was so wrong!

Jen has made it possible for me to respect myself – breaking down my doubts, insights, and concerns into bite size, empowering goals that feel achievable. She also helped me see that it is possible to let go of the pain and sadness from my past. After 9 counselors in the past, Jen is quite simply the first person I have worked with who has been able to help me create lasting change.


I’ve spent my entire life gaining and losing the same 20 lbs. At 40 years old, I thought that there was no hope – that I just needed to resign to being “heavy” and move on with my life. But I couldn’t. I was miserable.

When I found Jen, she set me straight on some historic strong opinions I had about weight loss – like exercise more, eat less, avoid fat, etc. I have reached a weight I never thought would be possible for me by doing exactly what Jen said. Her support especially via text was a game changer for me. I didn’t blow an entire week or stay isolated because I could reach out for quick motivation to keep going. I am healthier than I’ve ever been, maintaining a weight that feels right for me and I no longer crave sugar which I (((never))) thought was possible! Who knew my best body could be at 40?


I have tried dozens of weight loss programs – from Weight Watchers to hypnosis, gruelling exercise regimes, and weird herbal pills. When I first met Jen, I was at my lowest point: adrenal fatigue, emotional exhaustion, and feeling fat, fat, fat.

I was skeptical of her at first, worried Jen was just another thin broad trying to sell “pretty” to an aging chubby woman with some savings, but I found I liked Jen when I met her! I remember speaking to her and understanding right away who I was going to be working with. It became clear that Jen was a strong woman who could support me in the way I’d always hoped.

Through Jen’s incredible accountability, I learned where I was getting in my own way and why. I’ve gained better energy and hopeful foresight (and lost more than 35 lbs). I never lost hope that I would find the right formula that worked for me – and this was it!


After a breakup a few years ago, I found myself on a health journey as I realized I was 50lbs overweight. I was able to lose most of the weight through working with a personal trainer, but despite all this progress, I was still not feeling 100% and carrying some extra weight I just couldn’t understand. I thought I ate pretty healthy and was active, so what was going on!?

I connected with Jen through her own story and her teachings about our bodies connection to what we eat. Tracking my food and recognizing how much excess I was consuming has been the building block to real change. The group’s support and accountability has assisted me in staying committed and even losing that stubborn 10 lbs!

Jen’s support and guidance around sustainable weight loss has been invaluable; but her focus on the emotional side of the equation has been what really hit home for me. I am able to address what I’m really feeling rather than filling the gaps with food and ignoring the underlying issues that create chaos in my life. I have a recognition that my capacity for change and growth is endless.


I have always been able to lose weight but keeping it off has been a real problem. I tried to control my emotions with food and convinced myself my fluctuating weight would never change. When I started with Jen, I simply wanted to see why this was my pattern, but Jen taught me so much more than that.

Jen helped me understand how important the emotional side really is. I was only focused on the number on the scale, but with Jen’s help I started to see that I when I became overwhelmed, I would immediately grab something to eat without even realizing it. Jen supported me with concrete tools to instill new habits when faced with a food temptation or struggles with my family, kids, work, etc. And in just one month, I’ve lost 10lbs!

I love talking to Jen every week. She makes me feel like I can really do this and is with me every step of the way. It’s such a great feeling! Work with Jen – you are so worth this investment.


The very notion of change is scary, daunting and crippling to our truest happiness – holy, I know this all too well. So it’s with pure delight that I can applaud the brilliance that is Jennifer Powter, whom since 2009 I tout “the best investment I’ve ever made in me.” Her unequivocal grace, intuition and expertise allow her to enrich and energize your body, mind and soul. Jen is simply golden in every sense.


I started this program because I needed a life change. I needed something to help me finally lose the weight I had been carrying since I was a teenager. I had tried several weight loss programs in the past, but after reading Jen’s website and listening to her speak, something about this sounded permanent to me.

Jen really took time to figure out my likes and dislikes with food – no radical change in my diet or eliminating entire food groups. After a few weeks of dedication, I found I no longer craved those comfort foods I once relied on. And it was easy to maintain! I eat plenty now and never feel like I’m missing out on anything.

I have so much more energy now, a definite improvement in my mood (everyone has noticed!) more free time with my kids, and I’ve lost 33lbs! Working with Jen is so easy. Her weekly calls kept me accountable – someone I knew I could rely on for any questions, frustrations or concerns. This program truly changed my life!