Journaling for Weight Loss: A simple Action with BIG Results!

Journaling for Weight LossJournaling for Weight Loss Journaling Weight Loss is so important. When you learn how to lead yourself towards health, you learn how to lead in so many other aspects of your life. [Tweet "Journaling allows you to live your life in truly a different way. One of those ways is by existing [...]

4 Lasting Weight Loss Hijackers!

Today, we're going to find some exclusive lasting weight loss tips to keep hijackers out. Weight Loss Hijacker #1: Believing you need to be perfect. When you have a weight loss mentality, the mentality is that you have to be perfect. People believe you need to achieve perfection in order to get results. I strongly [...]

How To Stay Committed To Your Goals

One of the things I talk about a lot is that to stay massively committed to your goals sometimes you have to ignore your thoughts and feelings and actually do stuff you may not really feel like doing. Say what??? I know, it can seem counter intuitive - especially if you’re a smart, high capacity, [...]

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