Journaling for Weight Loss: A simple Action with BIG Results!

Journaling for Weight LossJournaling for Weight Loss

Journaling Weight Loss is so important. When you learn how to lead yourself towards health, you learn how to lead in so many other aspects of your life.

Journaling for Weight Loss: A simple action with BIG results[Tweet “Journaling allows you to live your life in truly a different way. One of those ways is by existing in a different physical body, in a body that you feel good in.”]

Journaling weight loss the WRONG way

There are so many things that I used to do when I was overweight. One of them was getting out my journal. Using my pen, I would literally pour onto the paper all of my despair and all of my self-loathing; berating myself. Pouring my heart onto the pages was very painful.

I would tell myself all the things that I wasn’t going to do. A hopeful side of me would make a list of the things I wasn’t going to eat. I would fill the page with all the things I felt was negative.

When you tell yourself you can’t have something, then part of your brain called the reticular activating system, actually gets activated. The thing you tell yourself that you’re not going to do, or you can’t have, you actually want it more.


Instead of focusing on all the things I wasn’t going to do, I started to write about what I was going to do.

PRO TIP: Instead of writing what you’re NOT going to eat, write something like, “This weekend I’m going to eat healthy. What that looks like for me is…” This simple trick helps you grab on to what you DO want and gives you a focus.

Focus on Positive Actions, Thoughts and Intentions


I started using scrap paper to write down the feelings and thoughts I had to get out. Honestly, I don’t want my journal to be full of just the pain and the agony of life. I want what I’m keeping by my bed or in my office to be full of good. I want my journaling weight loss to be full of my dreams, to be full of what I am going after. My journaling weight loss is going to be about what I’ll create in my life, not the things I’m running from.

What changes are you incorporating? Maybe it’s simply drinking more water, drinking tea at night instead of wine. Perhaps, is choosing your meals for tomorrow based on what’s healthy for you. It could be about something that you’re trying to avoid.

[Tweet “Make your list in your journaling weight loss a positive, inspiring list. Make it a list of the things that you chose to change in your life.”]

If you are consistent and committed in telling yourself what you are going to do for yourself, your weight will change.

Journaling for Weight Loss: A simple action with BIG results

When you come from a place of love, not judgment, punishment or shame, your weight will change. It will.

When you focus on what you want you have a greater chance of actually creating and achieving it for yourself.

I found that my life changed the minute I stopped telling myself what I wasn’t going to do, and instead started focusing my actions, thoughts and my intentions of what I was going to do. A big piece of that was losing the excess weight that I did not feel good living with.

Start Now

Go get yourself a brand new journal and make the commitment that you’re not going to just write out the negative in there.

Write with focus; get intentional about creating your life.

If you have any other journaling tips that you think are super helpful, or that have helped you in terms of getting healthy, getting fit, and/or losing weight, pop them into the comments below.

What I often find is that just one idea could spark something in someone else and that is the power of women and women sharing.


Journaling for Weight Loss: A simple action with BIG results

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