Do You Really Need To Breakdown to Breakthrough?

Let’s face it – feeling like you’re on the edge of a breakdown is never a good feeling. I’ve been there a time or two (or 50) and saying it’s uncomfortable is an understatement.

But the more I talk with my clients, the more I believe that in order for us to create space which will allow true change to happen, it’s necessary to go through that,



Here are my top 9 reasons why I think breakdowns actually help us:

1. You get clear on priorities. You can only do so much, so you need to spend it on what’s most important to you.

2.They force a rest and reprioritization of what’s going on.

3. They make you face what you’d been trying to deny or avoid – by finally dealing with it head on you get to be at choice with how you handle something.

4. They help you build strength. Just like we have to rip a muscle apart with strength training in order to allow it to repair itself and get bigger and stronger, I think that happens to us emotionally as well. When we think we can’t handle one more thing and then 10 more things get piled on your plate sometimes you have no choice but to simply deal with it.

5. They can force you to come face to face with what’s not working in your life – and awareness is the first step to creating change.

6. You get so sick and tired of feeling a certain way you snap. This can be just the thing to motivate you to go forward.

7. Honest, raw, self –reflection, which leads to a better understanding of who you are and how you want to show up in this world.

8. You become open to trying different things or a new way of being in order to truly create a life you love.

9. You stop doing things that just don’t work (we all know the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same things over and over and expecting to get a different result).

And here’s the beautiful thing…

After the tears or the feelings of hopelessness and desperation have passed; after the feelings of anger or the unfairness of it all have simmered down, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take a baby step forward.

pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take a baby step forward

Often, you move forward with more clarity or purpose than you’ve ever had before.  You can possess a sense of determination and resolve that’s stronger and you’ll make a promise to yourself of “never again”.

You’ll have more confidence because you’ll think to yourself  “Well, if I can make it through that I can handle anything. Sometimes, to get through that tough time you’ve had to ask for help and now feel more supported than ever. Or, maybe you went through it alone and that proved to yourself that you can deal with whatever comes your way.

Regardless of details – here’s what I know; mini (or big) breakdowns can reduce us to our core and we have the choice to either wallow in it and stay stuck or step up with a readiness and willingness to do whatever it takes to create the change you so desire in your life.

How liberating is that?!

Would love to hear how going through something hard lead to something really good for you – drop down into the comments below to share!

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