3 Things I’m Loving This Fall

Here’s 3 things I’ve been digging this month I know can help you out…

BUT I really want to know some of your favorites, too! You never know – you might help me discover something I’ve been seriously needing.

So, be sure to write me back today and tell me *one* of your favorites.


Okkkk here we go…

Parents – listen up! This app will change your life…

I want my children to be able to benefit from technology while also staying safe – I bet you want that, too.

AND it can be a challenge to keep up with every social media app your kid(s) have.

Introducing Bark: Bark covers text messaging, YouTube, email, social media platforms, and apps.

You get automatic alerts to signs of cyberbullying, depression, online predators, adult content, and more. Plus, they make it EASY for us parents (phew!).

My favorite LITTLE book ever: The Fitbook

Here’s why you’ll love it:

It literally puts pen to paper to plan for success, track progress + reaching your goals!

  • 12-week goal-setting + reward system with tips + inspiration to keep you motivated and on track
  • weekly planning pages to set goals, plan workouts + meals for the week ahead, and set rewards to motivate you
  • record workouts daily to track progress, including space to record strength training, cardio, classes + flexibility
  • food log to record healthy eats daily with space to jot down meals, macros + emotions, plus trackers for nutrients, vitamins, water + sleep
  • weekly wrap-up pages to reward progress, reflect on your week + journal thoughts and inspiration

I mean it’s a no-brainer, right? Feel free to comment today and ask me any questions on it. I’m obsessed.

Your Best Face Forward

My go-to for all things makeup. Adrienne has made me look radiant for a ton of my on-camera projects and, most importantly, at my wedding last year!

With over 20 years in fashion, beauty, personal development, and business worlds, Adrienne helps women get top quality makeup, brushes, and tips to confidently step out your door each and every day knowing you’re putting your best foot forward.

Check out her brushes and her BEST makeup tips – things like are you wearing makeup that’s aging you? How to look amazing in any professional photos, and finally learn if you really do need to spend a lot on skincare!

She’s one of my dearest friends and I know you will love her as much as me 😉

Which one of these things are you trying first?

I really want to know so comment below and tell me – don’t forget to let me in on something you’re really loving this month.

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