What a Spiralizer and Brené Brown Have Taught Me This Month

Spring is one of my most favorite times of the year! Are you with me?

It’s such an incredible opportunity to feel re-inspired for the year – literally opening the windows – and let in some much needed fresh air.

Here’s how I’m doing just that…

What I’m Reading

Late to the crowd, I know but I just started listening to Brené Brown’s Rising Strong on audio book. For those of you who know me or have been reading me (especially this past winter) know that life has been pretty stormy so listening to Brené has come at the perfect time!

I’ve had to pick myself over and over again with more wisdom and clarity on who I am and where I’m going – and being more gentle with myself along the way. Learning from Brené is a perfect way to do just that.

What’s come for you at the perfect time? What are you reading or listening to right now that’s inspiring you? 

What I’m Eating

Do you have a spiralizer? If not, you need one…like right now! I am loving it with my kids. Zucchini noodles have become a huge hit in my house. We’ve also enjoyed spiralizing apples, beets, and carrots!

I’m also on a big iced tea kick. Now that it’s spring, I’ve put down the coffee a bit and am incorporating the fresh flavors of peach, strawberries, and raspberries – to name a few. I like to brew unsweetened natural brew tea and add my favorite fruit after – add some ice and keep it in my fridge for a few days. (NEW personal favorite is Coco Colada from David’s Tea!)

What are some of your favorite spring foods and drinks? I’m always looking for new ideas and fun ways to enjoy healthy, good flavors.

What I’m Feeling

Lately, I’ve been super aware of how fast my kids are growing up and never before have I ever been so conscious to savor the moments with them – to ask questions and understand who they are.

I’ve been doing this by digging in more. Instead of asking, “Did you have a nice day at school?” I say, “Tell me about a good thing that happened at lunch. Or tell me about a hard time on the playground.” And I follow it all up with questions like, “How did it feel? What was it like?”

This has given me such an insight into how my kids communicate, their coping skills, how they see the day and the people around them, and it also brings us closer.

How are you using spring to get closer to those you love? Perhaps there’s someone in your life you can reach out to – give a quick call or write a simple note stating how much they mean to you.

Take a minute and let me know in the comments below how spring is going for you. Are you on your way to meeting your goals? If not, what’s in your way? What are your daily challenges? Let’s make this your best spring yet!

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