The Real Reason Diets Keep Failing You

There’s no shortage of information, blogs, how-tos and guides for losing weight. And yet, weight loss is the biggest thing women struggle with. If it was as simple as just following the workouts, meal plans, and blog advice, you would have done it by now.  Am I right?

The biggest gap doesn’t exist with your physical behaviors but with your mind. You have built years (decades even!) of patterns, habits, and beliefs. In fact, shifting these subconscious beliefs and habits is critical for healthy weight loss!

Have you ever asked yourself: I know better, why don’t I just do it? If so, then you were meant to read this today.

It’s easy to get really good at tolerating the circumstances you’ve become conditioned to. You hang out in the mediocre. Thing is, your intuition tells you when something is bad for you, but you ignore it and endure.

You get really good at suffering. You probably don’t even like being in this place but you don’t want to leave that place because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. And so you continue on in the same cycle of survival mode.

That’s why it is so critical to incorporate cultivating a strong mindset if you want to achieve healthy, permanent weight loss.

Here’s how you do it…

Investigate What’s Not Working

Identify what’s working and what’s not. This means taking a look at things like eating a crappy breakfast every morning, drinking coffee until 2 pm, cracking open a bottle of wine every night, etc. Is what you’re doing getting you to where you want to go? No? Then isn’t it time to change?

We all know the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. #Truth

It’s also about looking at what’s not working when it comes to putting yourself last on your list. Many women I’ve worked with tend to be people pleasers. The constant focus on giving to other people in your life becomes your fuel or what sustains you and in a way, it’s how you get your value – through the praise and affirmation that you’re a good person.

But if you want to lose weight you have to consciously put yourself first.

A lot of gurus and experts use the “taking care of you first” almost as a buzz phrase with no real actions behind it.

They also don’t tell you how hard it is to do at first.

It may feel uncomfortable to prioritize yourself. It will probably go against your nature and you might feel a ton of resistance to doing it. But do it anyways! True change requires you to get out of your comfort zone – it means you need to give up something you like or are tolerating in order to leap towards change.

You have to invite in the fear and the willingness to be uncomfortable because it’s going to happen at first. Don’t wait for things to be “easier” or when you have more “time” or “energy” because this is how you end up never actually starting. If you wait – it will be forever.

You are capable of making the changes. The key is creating small, consistent shifts.

Change One Thing

Women get so overwhelmed because we try to create a ton of change at once. Then we want it to all be perfect right away. This is how you end up falling off the wagon in three or four days. And this is also exactly how you start forming that failure mindset.

Start small. It’s all about commitment + consistency.

Make one commitment and go from there. Maybe it’s creating a better morning routine or swapping out that bad breakfast for something healthier. Maybe it’s going to bed an hour earlier or swapping that nightly glass of wine with a cup of hot tea. Maybe it’s meditating for just 2 minutes a day to get still, get guided, and cultivate a better habit.

What will it be for you? Ask yourself: What is the one thing I know I can do every day?

Be sure to notice where you get stuck or feel the excuses, blame or justification of why you can’t do it creep in. And, trust me, those thoughts ll creep in because you are human

You don’t conquer something once and then that’s it. It’s often doing it over and over again until it becomes your new norma. That’s why it’s important to create an emotional plan and create a solid support system.

Phone A Friend

They say that wine can be liquid courage, but I also believe food becomes solid courage. It may pad you, protect you, and soothe you so you don’t have to face the feelings behind it. You may even believe that if you take food away, you’ll have nothing left to give you joy in your life – especially if you’re in the middle of hard times.  

This is why you need support.

Choose a friend, mentor, or coach that you can establish quick check-ins with. Don’t stay isolated. Don’t live with the weight of this responsibility alone. You will get tired, frustrated, and fearful. Your emotional support can hold you up when you can’t do it for yourself.

Want an instant phone a friend right now?

Grab my 5 Ways to Outsmart Your Fat Cells & Lose Weight Today.

You’ll get…

  • Science-based research to help you dive even further into the weight loss myths that are holding you back.
  • Reliable steps to identify those emotional habits.
  • Trusted ways to create a weight loss plan that isn’t rooted in deprivation.

You also have to give yourself permission to let go of the rules that are no longer serving you.

And this is an inside job. Your diet isn’t going to do this for you. You have to be on your own priority list. You have to believe that you are just as deserving of your own time, attention, and love as the others in your life.

You can’t shift without this resilience and this mindset piece. Period.

What’s your one small change for this week? Tell me in the comments below. When you share your goals, you are more likely to stick with it.


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