The Do’s and Don’ts of Sticking to a Weight Loss Program

Women ask me this all the time… “What does it take to stick to a weight loss program, Jen?” Even by the phrasing of the sentence above, I immediately sense the disparity between a “program” and a “lifestyle.” You decide to do a cleanse, try Whole 30 every January, or P90X to get ready for [...]

Why Sleep Is The #1 Factor Holding You Back from Healthy Weight Loss

There is a majorly overlooked factor affecting your weight loss. There is a good chance you have no idea what it is. And, you need it if you want to get healthy - and stay that way! Can you guess it? It’s called sleep. Now, I see you reading this thinking, “Ok Jen, I know [...]

How to Stop Falling Off the Weight Loss Wagon

Have you ever been here? You start a weight loss program, detox, cleanse, group program (you name it) and the first few days you are rocking it. But then, it doesn’t seem as fun, or something happens in your life - personally or professionally - and you get thrown off a bit, and you stop. [...]

5 Steps to Rewire Your Habits for Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss

What’s one thing you do every morning? Every night? Or even around 3 pm every day? Think about it for a second... You may be asking, “Jen, why do you want to know this?” And my answer would be this… We are a collection of all of our habits - whether good or bad. Identifying [...]

43 Things About Your 40’s Compared to Your 30’s – Part 2

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and happened to see a link to Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech so I clicked on it and watched. I truly think she is amazing and although everything she said had value, this is the line that stuck out for me: ..”What I know for sure is that [...]