Use These 3 Things to Easily Create Your Weight Loss Routine

Create a routine you can repeat again and again. This is one of the key ways I stay productive and encourage my clients to do the same. 

Sounds simple but many of the women in The Weight Loss Code Academy didn’t understand how to create a system or routine that could serve them.

This system and the mindset that goes with it becomes stronger than your excuses. That’s why I wanted to share with you 3 things that keep my routine and mindset going strong…

Use This To Write Down Your Weight Loss Goals

The power of The Bullet Journal is something I talk about a lot because there’s nothing better than putting pen to paper and writing down your goals, tracking your food, and seeing your progress unfold. 

To do the writing you need a good pen. You’ve come to the right girl because I’m a geek when it comes to pens and these Tombow Dual Brush pens have made my daily writing much more fun, colorful, and pretty. 

Here’s what you’ll love about them: the flexible brush works like a paintbrush which is perfect for doodling and bullet journaling. You can also mix two or more colors together to create a watercolor effect, and color coded caps which makes it easy to organize. 

Use This To Still Enjoy The Things You Love When Losing Weight

What can I say? I love coffee. The challenge for me was not to drink too much of it. This is something I talk a lot about in my weight loss programs because I don’t teach my clients to cut out entire food groups or to resort to extreme tactics to lose weight. 

For me, it’s all about portion size. When it comes to coffee, I decided to make the perfect single cup of coffee every single morning. 

AeroPress makes the perfect cup of French press coffee. Here’s why you’ll love it: makes delicious coffee. Takes minimum space, no complicated parts and there’s minimal mess which makes it easy to clean. 

Use These To Move Your Body Everyday 

Once spring hits, I’m outside as much as possible. I encourage my clients to move their body every single day. And no, it doesn’t need to be for two hours everyday at the gym. In fact, I talk a lot about why you can’t outtrain your nutrition and why so many women have been misled when it comes to exercise and weight loss. 

Instead, focus how to move your body in a way that feels good every single day. For me, it’s going on a walk with my husband and our dog. 

Because I live in a cold climate, I pop on my flip-flops from the first sunny day all the way to the first snow day! 

Havaianas are my go-to. (I have too many pairs to count.)

Here’s why you’ll love them: They are super comfy, durable, and come in a variety of colors and styles you can wear on the beach, with a pair of shorts or for a more sporty look when out for a walk. 

Because the weight loss industry has made weight loss so complicated and made you believe you need to do so much to lose weight, it can be hard to realize that when you get back to basics, weight loss can be simple

Which one of these things can you use (or, at least, get the wheels turning) to create a more effective routine and system for finding your ideal weight – and staying there? 

Tell me in the comments now. I read and respond to each and every one.

About the Author:

Jennifer coaches busy, successful women with imperfect lives who want to look and feel amazing from the inside out. With her tried-and-proven weight loss method—ENERGY to Thrive™—Jennifer takes the fascinating science of physiological transformation and breaks it down into six empowering steps.

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